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The Forum - a guide for N00bs
« on: 26 June 2013, 10:06:17 am »
This section of the forum is for the joeys who can't work the forum without someone holding their hand. You can ask questions here on subjects related to using the forum. A guide on various features will be found below and we will add to this as topics arise.

You will also find the forum rules posted elsewhere in this section - read them - it'll save us all a lot of hassle in the long run if you happen not to agree with them by posting to let us know so we can terminate your account.

Why do I have to wait for my posts to be approved before they appear?
Because you are a noob, you've crawled out of the primordial soup that is the internet and could be some kind of wacko for all we know. We can't have every Tom, Dick or Harry posting as soon as they sign up. You may a spammer selling drugs, **** or cheap booze (and if so the forum admin get first dibs on that sort of thing but we demand free samples) so we have to be sure that you're not any of those things. You have to make an undetermined number of posts and prove to us that you're either not spamming (or that you'll give us freebies if you are), a wacko or any other undesirable before we let you loose.

Q: Why can't I fill in my profile or add an avatar?
A: Because you haven't yet earned the right. To have the right to use this feature you must make at least two posts. Note that posting in this section will not count toward these.

Q: Why isn't there a classifieds section?

A: There is, it's just that if you can't see it then you haven't yet earned the right to. The same applies to other sections.

Q: How do I embed youtube vids in a post?

A: Do not use the "embed" thing on youtube. Simply copy the url of the vid from your browser and the forum will do the rest. However, if there are extraneous letters and numbers due to the link being from a reffering page you may need to remove these. Check by previewing your post and remove as neccessary until the vid shows in your preview

Q: How do I post pictures?

A: Create an account on and upload your pictures to it. To post them on the forum you must place the cursor over the pic that you want and, when the drop-down appears, click the IMG code. You then paste this into your message.

Q: How do I link with words?
A: Use the URL tag. There is no button function for this,  so if you want to do it you will have to 'hard code' it. Below is an example of this:


Subsitute the {} for the [],  the end result should be: Clicky